Currency Trading Tips: Trading EUR/USD 3

A Brief Guide to Trading the EUR/USD – Chapter 3: Reasons for trading in Forex

When compared to trading in other financial instruments such as equities, trading in Forex has some distinct advantages. They include:
The Forex market is the largest financial market and thus no single person or entity has the ability to corner or dominate the market.
The Forex market has an average of $3.2 trillion dollars per day. With such a large volume, no one can hope to control the market for an extended period of time.

Taking charge of your own finances. You will be able to harvest better returns than those of mutual funds
or hedge funds.
The initial capital outlay is low when compared to equity trading.
The Forex markets moves in patterns. Thus with technical analysis, one can actually predict the trends in the Forex market.
There is a high level of leverage to utilize when it comes to Forex trading unlike the equity market.
With 24 hours trading and its high trading volume, the Forex market is regarded as one of the most liquid market among all the financial market. You can always close or open a market position at a reasonable price.
Again with the 24 hours trading in the Forex market, you only have to trade a few hours per day or per week to earn some money with your computer.
With a free demo account, you are actually able to gain experience with the simulation exercises. Thus, you do not have to risk your money to gain the valuable experiences needed.
Although there are over 40,000 stocks that one can choose from to invest in from the equity market, this also means that it is hard to specialize. Whereas in Forex trading, you have the chance to just focus on one or two currency pairs.
Equal opportunity to profit from both falling and rising market. As compared to the equity market, there is no restriction on the Forex market on short trading. This allows you to also make money from a falling market. Furthermore, as currencies are traded in pairs, regardless of a fall or rise in the exchange rate of one currency, its corresponding pair will always move opposite it.
As mentioned earlier, one big advantage which the Forex market has over the rest of the financial market is the high leverage margin offered by the brokerage firms. You can trade at 50 to 1; 100 to 1; 200 to 1 or even up to 500 to 1 ratio.
As the Forex market is operating at 24 hours per day, this allows you to respond to the market faster than other financial market which is restricted in operating time to its centralized location.
Freedom of working hours and location. As long as you have internet access, you are able to trade in the Forex market virtually from anywhere in the world.